Hi,Wellcom To My Page.My Name is Abbas Puya.I have studied at The Shahid ShansiPoor College.

I Interested, Active,Teacher,Lecture and Researcher in The Field of Information Technology (IT)

So Creating and Launching Smart Schools

And Provide The Best Hardware & Software Solutions in The Field Of Smart Schools.

So I Interested in History, Especially Contemporary  History Of Tehran,Iran

Tehran Researcher (Old & Modern Tehran)


The digital world is evident in that such a phenomenon of information technology with a dramatic and unfizable speed. My work, curiosity and american go to this phenomenon. My teenage years with DOS, the first operating system of personal computers, with a deep-core and curiosity, in a dark and full mystery, passionate, but sweet and enjoyable. For years later, in a young man at the teacher, I learned to teach and advent the government’s employees in the form of ICDL classes. Due to the cognition I’ve got from the digital world, I have tried to pull my skill to the domain of deeper and more experiences. On the other hand, working with the loan networks and familiarity with its work environments, he culminated me to recognize the high values of this phenomenon, and therefore, I was drawn to the genre of design and networking of smart schools. The turbulence and output of this priest, the first launch of the smart school, (Iranian school) in the 3th district of Tehran’s education.

  • 1993 Participation in the first training course, DOS and NC environment, and obtaining period certificate in Tehran Technical Complex
  • 1994 Participated in a comprehensive hardware training course system, and obtaining relevant certification
  • 1997 Participated in the language course of the Pascal Design Program, and the corresponding certificate in Tehran Technical Complex
  • 1999 Participated in the Carver Computer Degree 2 course, and obtaining a certificate corresponding to the course with the highest score
  • 2000 courses in Carver Computer Degree 1 and certification in accordance with the course
  • 2002 With the rise of Windows X, the upgrade of the Office suite, dramatically, went back to updating my information in the modern computer-based training course. During a six-month period, I got a second-grade computer license.
  • 2003 Participated in the advanced computer-aided degree program, and obtaining certificate related to the course
  • 2004 At the same time as I was admitted to Shahid Shamsipour Technical School, I participated in the training course in the Fox-Peru database, and I won the certificate of acceptance.
  • 2005 I became involved in the ICD coaching course and managed to get coaching cards.
  • 2006 I was expelled from college. At the same time, I became involved in coaching the computer network and successfully co-sponsored the coaching card.
  • 2007 Launch of the first smart school in the education area of ​​Tehran
  • 2008 – 2011 Intelligentization of Razi Elementary School in Tehran, and maintenance and support for three years.
  • 2012-2014 intelligencee of the Hedayat School, in the Tehran Courses Area, maintenance and support for two years.
  • 2015-2018 The implementation of high-speed Internet and high-speed Internet of the Beheshti school in Tehran and maintenance and support of hardware and software for three years.

In paralime, with the love and interest, Tehran began a deep and deep recognition of Tehran, since 2007. Let’s say a bit of Tehran, the very important and unprotected city, telling you in the political history of the world, maybe not believe, or it is hard to tell you, if I say, the division of power, at the end of the Second World War in the same Tehran, was drawn. The three superpowers of the world, (Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt) in Tehran, gathered in the former Soviet embassy and divided the world between each other. In the alley, then I present the beautiful and historic city of the city of Tehran, the result of his views, hearings and experiences in the form of short and long posts, in the group called Tehran. The first urban infrastructure of Tehran, at the time of Shah Tahmasb Safavi, began to bring Tehran by fence and four gates. With the attack of Afghans, Tehran fell by them, and was taken by the Nedr Shah, and the head of Tehran, and his head of the ruling of Tehran. The pitch of the field and the Reichs were shaped at this time. Karim Khan was a capital, some time held the city, but he returned to Shiraz again because of the climate. Sir Mohammad Khan, the founder of the Qajar dynasty, after many times war with the opposition and the family of the perseverance, finally seized Tehran, and selectively as his capital.

History is unfortunately repeating, let’s unite, hand in hand, prevent it from repeating itself. Unite to redeem this once-for-all, repeat, and take a step towards the clearer and brighter horizons. Let’s build a glorious and magnificent history for the future. Hoping and begging for thought.


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